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i’m actively writing every day….totally on target for the 30 poems in 30 days challenge…. it’s just the posting online part that i’m behind on. sigh.

4. Possibility

If you believe you can
You will.

That’s what they say and that’s what you should
believe but why can’t it actually be true?

There are those who will always say you can’t.
But what they mean is they can’t.

You can.
I can.

We will.

3. untitled


Even within the lack of feeling there is something

No one can be truly empty

Emptiness is death

And even death
is something.

2. The Waiting

It’s in the waiting
The space in there
After one thing
And before another

The moments, silent and patient
The ticking of the clock
The peaceful movement of the clouds
The subtle breeze flowing  through soft leaves

It’s time that is passing
And it is timeless

It’s in here that I sit.

1. Regret


There seems to be a desire
To live without regret.
But regret, to me, means a life well lived.
With all that is good and all that is bad.
Regret follows me like a shadow where ever I go,
Reminding me that I am alive,
Whispering to me,
Telling me to avoid the same mistakes.
Regret envelopes me like a hug from an old,
But not forgotten friend
And tells me I am human.

I am human.
I am not perfect.
I am sometimes prideful
and lonely
and sad
and conceited
and doubtful
and anxious
and confused.

I live my life and I do good things
And I make mistakes.
Sometimes I do bad things.
I can say that I am sorry and I can only try to do better.
I am human.
I have my regrets, and I keep their shadows close to my heart.


April is National Poetry Writing Month. 

I always attempt these things… the monthly writing challenges for Novels, screenplays, I even tried one for creating a photobook which shoulda been super easy because I’m a photographer by profession. I never finish because my attention span is virtually non-existent.

But…poems can be short and I think this is something I can actually complete.  At least I’ll enjoy the attempt.